How do the 3 attempts work on assessments?

Most assessments allow for 3 attempts

Students will have 3 attempts at each assessment task. Assessments will either be timed or un-timed. Un- timed assessments allow students to leave and re-enter their attempt as many times as they please.


The attempt will not be finalised until the student submits the attempt for grading. The Learning Management System will save students answers online, however, it is highly advised that students save copied of their assessment task in case of technical difficulties.

Save and Review

On the last question, you'll be able to click on Save & review before you submit the assessment. This is a good way to check your answers one last time or go back to add to previous questions before you submit.


You can also Save & review at anytime from the Quiz Navigation Pane.

Quiz nav

Once you're ready to submit, you can Submit all and finish from the Summary page.