How do I use Zoom

On Campus/Streaming Classes FAQ

I’m due to be attending on campus classes during the campus closure period.  What will happen to these classes?

These classes will still run but will be live streamed via Zoom.  We will still cover all theory and practical aspects that we would have on campus.


What do I need to do to use Zoom?

At least one day prior to your class, you will be emailed a link to your relevant webinar.  You should click on this at the time your webinar starts. 

You will require a device which has internet access to attend the class.  Whilst you can attend via your phone, we would recommend using a tablet, laptop or PC.

Ideally, access to a webcam of some sort would be great, but it is not necessary.

It would also be a good idea to have a set of headphones to make it easier to hear your trainer and peers.


What will the classes be like?

We’re very excited to be delivering classes through this platform and feel we can bring the majority of the on-campus experience to you.  The fitness industry has seen growth in delivery of sessions through online platforms, so this gives you an opportunity to experience what it would be like. 

Students can interact with each other and the trainer via both audio and text, allowing you to ask questions in real time.

There is little change to the way in which theory aspects will be delivered.  We will share the slides via Zoom as well as any other appropriate documents.

From a practical perspective, all trainers delivering this component of the session will have access to the required equipment to show you key aspects of learning.  We’ll also get you to participate in workouts as a key learning activity.  There will be the opportunity for those of you with a webcam to share aspects of practical performance and coaching and receive feedback on this.


Will classes run for the full duration?

For the most part, yes.  However, there are times where classes will be condensed.  You will be informed of this in advance of the session.


What about the practical assessment?

This will not be completed via Zoom.  You will need to either submit via video or delay completion of this until the campus opens again on the 6th July.


When will on campus classes start again?

6th July.  This is under ongoing review.  Students will be informed of any changes.