Grievance Policy

This policy provides guidance to students and members of the public to the procedure to be followed and ensuring that the concern raised is addressed using the appropriate channels to facilitate an equitable, confidential and prompt resolution.

The College is committed to providing high quality educational programs and excellent graduates who will practice natural medicine as leaders in their field. The College recognises the importance of effective communication as essential to resolving any concerns, and this policy is fundamental to the resolution of grievances and the reconciliation of Claimants with the College.

The College considers it important to be made aware of all appeals and grievances from members of the College community. The College aims to respond to appeals and grievances in a fair and equitable manner and to resolve the grievance to the satisfaction of all parties. This policy is in place to deal with both academic and non-academic appeals and grievances and to guide the actions taken by all parties.

This policy and related Grievance Procedure will be published on the College’s website for the
information of current and prospective VET students, clinic clients, Trainers & Assessors, and general staff. In addition, it will be provided to VET students at course commencement.
The National VET Manager is responsible for the training of VET Trainers and Assessors and support staff in the application of the policy.