Admissions Policy

Admission requirements focus on merit and fostering academic success.

1. The College encourages lifelong learning, including formal, informal and non-formal
learning. It provides applicants for admission to the College’s programs with the
opportunity to have relevant, previous learning considered in their application.
2. The College shall take into account possible educational disadvantage when
determining admission requirements.
3. Applicants are admitted by fair, timely, and transparent procedures, on the basis of
clearly defined, consistent and equitable processes.
4. Staff involved in the admission process must not divulge to any unauthorised
person any information related to an individual student's application or admission

5. The College reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant based on an
individual’s inability to meet the educational and financial requirements of the
6. Upon admission, it is the student’s responsibility to make themselves aware of and
comply with the College’s policies and procedures.