Administrative Withdrawal Policy

The College expects students enrolled in vocational education and training (VET) sector programs to actively engage in all ways in their courses of study.

A student may be administratively withdrawn from the College for failure to make satisfactory
academic / assessment progress, non-attendance of any training activities for twelve months.
The National VET Manager has the authority to administratively withdraw a student from a single course, multiple courses or units of competency, and to revoke that student’s enrolment at any time after twelve months of failure to remain an actively enrolled student. In addition to this, the National VET Manager may take guidance from the Dean & Director of Operations regarding administrative withdrawal after each teaching period to comply with training requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Non-attendance of required classes or online forums for twelve months without prior written
    approval from the National VET Manager, Director, Student Services & Retention or Dean &
    Director of Operations.
  • Demonstrating unsatisfactory academic, training and course engagement in the preceding
    twelve months and/or having missed an excessive amount of scheduled classes, training
    delivery, online forums etc. that would not allow for assessment of competency.
  • Having failed to complete sufficient opportunities such as examinations, assignments,
    assessment tools, clinic sessions etc. to demonstrate effectively that meaningful training and
    achievement of competencies and learning outcomes has been achieved and been sustained
    overtime, in accordance with the course’s unit of competency.
  • Showing no record of training or learning engagement by the completion of course work with
    achieved competency in any assessment format for twelve months.
  • Failure to maintain log-in and training engagement activity as required for online courses for
    twelve months.
  • Non-engagement in any form for twelve months including no contact with Student Services or Trainers & Assessors.