Sydney Campus Update - July 2021

An update to the Sydney campus and the impact on students

Based on the State Government announcement, the Sydney Campus remains closed during this extended lockdown period until 28th August 2021. We know this is a difficult time and we want to support you to continue to complete your course as best as you can.

Message from Ewan Birnie, National Academic Manager

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Getting your theory assessments done

We would strongly encourage you to continue to work towards your end date as normal as far as your theory assessments go. Whilst the lockdown is less than ideal for completing your course, we will ensure that as soon as the campus can open, we will run as many practical assessments as possible so I'd recommend you try to get all of your theory assessments completed before then.

Getting your certificate

Any student that has all of their theory assessments and first aid unit done by the time they complete their practical on campus will be issued their certificate on the day of their practical. This will save you 2 weeks that we would normally process your graduation and certificate issuance after you've completed everything, so again aim to complete your theory assessments before the campus re-opens.

Alternative practical assessment

We also have a video practical assessment option, in which you would record yourself and 3 or more participants, completing the various programming, circuit and screening assessments that you're working on in your course. You can find a brief explanation of what's required to complete the practical assessment via video in the Knowledge Base.

COVID-19 Updates:

We know this is a challenging time and make certain you have all the support that you need, the college has a free support Student Assistance Program on 1800 336 207 (24/7).

Please ensure that you have all the support that you need and remain diligent and vigilant about you and your families health and safety at this time, we hope to be welcoming you back on campus soon.