How can I see how long I have left

You'd be forgiven for not remembering the exact date

We know over 13 - 52 weeks it can be difficult to keep track of how long you have left in your course. You have 3 ways to keep on top of your course timeframe;

  1. Your 'Welcome' email from the Student Services team will contain your official start and end date.
  2. Your 'Study Guide' sent to you in your Welcome email will contain all your assessment due dates and your course start and end date.
  3. You have an 'Enrolment Timer' in the top right of your course;


Course Extensions

If you've applied and been approved for an extension, please keep a note of the new end date given to you by the Student Services team and your Enrolment Timer will be updated for you.


Extensions: if you would like to apply for a course extension, see more here: Course Extensions