Course Teach out

Teach out of the current training package

FIAFitnation (FIA) has decided to teach out all courses on scope. What this means is that FIA will not be accepting any new enrolments and you will have until 30 June 2022 to complete your studies with us. If your course end date is before then, you can continue as normal.


What this means for you 

You can continue to study your course as planned with no change to how your course will be delivered, however, a ‘teach out’ date for your qualification has been set for 30 June 2022, with all assessments submitted by 15 of June 2022. This means your current end date should be more than enough to finish but we will of course provide high level of support that you’ve come to expect and you’ll continue to have your Student Advisors and Academic Tutors available to help you finish your course. 


The teach out process of your qualification will have no impact on course completion, you will have received a study guide when you started the course, this will give you an outline on how to complete the course before your course end date. To successfully complete the course, you will be required to: 

  • Submit all assessments by 15 June 2022 
  • Be graded as satisfactory in all aspects of the course by 30 June 2022


Please note, the final submission date for assessments has been provided to allow sufficient time to mark the assessments as well as provide a reassessment opportunity in line with our Assessment Policy VET (if required) prior to the course completion date of 30 June 2022. As such, please ensure you follow the submission deadlines outlined above. 


What if I do not finish on time 

Each student case will be addressed individually for anyone not graded competent in all aspects of the course by 30 June 2022.  


How to contact us

FIAFitnation is committed to supporting you in your study progression and course completion. If you have any questions regarding the above or attached information, or any other aspects of your course, please do not hesitate to contact FIAFitnation Team via phone or email.
On behalf of the entire FIAFitnation Team, I wish you well in the completion of your studies.