Can I complete my practical via video?

Yes, there is an option to complete your practical assessment via video.

You can submit via video.  We have built specific LMS pages to support students choosing this option.  Within this page, you will find a specific Practical Assessment via Video Assessment Manual and the assessments where you need to upload links to your videos.


What do I need to do a video submission?

Firstly, you will need a camera.  The one on your phone is fine. 

You will then need access to a video sharing platform.  Most students use YouTube, but you can use any that allow you to provide a link that you can copy and paste into the assessment.

You will need clients, generally a minimum of 3 to allow you to adequately cover all of the screening and group exercise delivery in each course.  When it comes to gym inductions in the Certificate III and PT sessions in the Certificate IV, you can use the same client for multiple sessions.

You will need equipment.  This is all outlined within the practical assessment manual instructions.  Broadly speaking, you will need access to:

  • Screening equipment (scales, tape measure, blood pressure cuff)
  • Resistance equipment (e.g. machines, dumbbells, barbells)
  • Cardiovascular equipment (e.g. treadmill, rower, bike)
  • Contemporary equipment (e.g. TRX, BOSU ball, Fitballl, ViPR, medicine ball)


I don’t think I can access of all that – what can I do?

If there are one or two things missing, we may be able to work around it.  However, if you say for example have no cardio equipment, it would not be possible to complete the assessment via video.  In this case, we suggest postponing the practical until a later date, and utilising the extension option.


How many videos do I need to submit?

This depends on your course.  However, please be aware that there are quite a few.  We are replicating what would be delivered across 2 days if you were attending on campus.  You must submit all videos requested.

You don’t need to do them all at once.  You can submit one or two, get some feedback and then keep chipping away.


What do I need to video?

You will be enrolled into a specific Video Submission Course on the LMS.  Review the Practical Assessment via Video Assessment Manual on the LMS page.  This goes into great detail on what you need to do.


How are video assessments graded?

Just like your online assessments.  You will provide a link to each video.  We will access the link and grade you against the marking criteria available in the assessment instructions.  We will do this within 10 days of submission.  You will be provided with specific feedback, and a grade of competent or not yet competent.  Should you be required to fix something up, it would just be the area that was NYC in attempt one – you would not need to do the full video again.


How do I upload to YouTube?

Look at this link for instructions on how to upload a video to YouTube -

You need to make the video available to be viewed by your assessor. There are 3 settings. you must either make the video Public or Unlisted for your assessor to view.  We would suggest the unlisted option. They cannot view private videos.

  • Public – Anyone can search for and view your video.
  • Unlisted – Hidden from YouTube and Google search, but viewable by anyone with the link.
  • Private – Only people you choose can view, which you can add by name, Google+ circles or by email.

Completing your video in a COVID Safe fashion

Students should check the current advice from the Department of Health before undertaking their practical via video. Students should use social distancing as much as possible, and should only touch a participant when needed, such as when taking blood pressure or girth measurements. Equipment should be sanitised in-between uses Here are some other general tips:

  • Good hygiene
    Good hygiene includes washing your hands, covering your coughs and cleaning your equipment.
  • Physical distancing
    Maintain at least 1.5m between you and your client at all times unless you're required to complete an assessment that requires close contact.
  • Masks
    Wearing a mask can help protect you and those around you if you, face masks should be worn when ever possible, especially when social distancing can't be maintained.

More information can be found here: Department of Health advice

Other FAQ's


I’m an online student who has completed the practical assessment, but not the workplace internship.  Gyms are now closed – what can I do?

We understand the position this has now put students in and are willing to adapt to help.  A decision on this will be made on a case by case basis.  Please contact your support team on the details below.


I’m an online student who has completed the internship, but not the practical assessment – what should I do?

You will be required to follow the options outlined above – extend your course until the campus reopens for a practical assessment, or submit via video.  We cannot base assessment decisions on your workplace internship for compliance reasons.


Who do I need to contact?

Regardless of which option you choose, please reach out to your dedicated course support team via email ( or  The team will be able to provide you with an extension or enrol you in the relevant LMS page to get you started with your video submission.